Would you like to see your intranet on internet ?


We all known intranet 2.0 is a matter of transparency, of visibility. These are necessary behaviors but evenu those who agree with that acknowledge it may be frightening for a lot of managers. And they surely consider the bank manager I talked about in a former post is inconscious.
What do people exactly fear ? To let their people talk about what’s wrong ? They’re already talking about that by email or at the coffee machine. To make it visible ? Breaking the thermometer will never lower the temperature. Knowing things is always an importunity to improve. Making everything in order not to know brings peacefulness…but just for a moment. When things happen it’s too late even though if things had been known earlier problems could have been avoided.

It’s obvious the only people in a company who really know what’s going wrong are operational. Since the rule is “report only about what’s going right”, top management seldom know about what’s going wrong. So they can’t make decision about that.

Moreover, if you don’t allow transparency inside you’ll find it outside. People have, outside the company, as many tools as they want to do what they’re not allowed inside. So let me introduce you the manager’s worse nightmare.

Could we assume such things wouldn’t have happened if there had been a space for transparency, exchanges and interactions inside the company ?