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Thinking of a two hemispheres brained intranet

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intelligenceWe all know our brain is composed of two hemispheres. Each of us is more comfortable with one than the other, that implies many things in the way we do our daily tasks. Obviously we use both sides, but we take more from one, very few people being able to use their complete brain.

When you build a team, the art consists of chosing people who have complementary use of their brain, that’s to say mixing administrators, planners, facilitators, visionaries. What is unusual at an individual level can be build at the team level.

If you consider enterprise as a team, it’s obvious enterprises decided a long time ago to use only half of their brain.

Which are the available tools to help enterprises using their right brain ? Nearly none. Hopeless when you know this side is responsible for global analysis, the notion of group, and creativity.

When I talk about intranets 2.0, the point is not to pull down what already exists but to add social tools to exploit the enterprise full potential, knowing organizations especially miss things related to innovation, creativity and “all things we can make together”.

Till then enterprises only focused on process and administration tools, that’s to say on how to exploit their left brain. Now it’s time to exploit their right brain.

You may also have a look at this very interesting note (in french but I think everyone can understand the diagram).

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