Voted best expert blogger at Intracom Paris


Prix du blog expert...Last week I attended the Intracom 2007 conference in Paris. This year’s theme was “intranet 2.0, the peopleware era, back to user and e-transformation”.

I found the audience very mature about intranet 2.0 things. For example I was part of a panel with Padawan and Jane McConnell and I really found people asked us the right questions, not about tools by themselves but about what they imply and what has to come with. It gave me a lot of good ideas for future notes…

At the end of the panel, my french blog was also prized at the Intrablog awards, as the “best expert blog”. Of course I’m very proud of it but since the subject is so wide no one can totally cover it, I’d also like to mention my two “competitors”, Jane and Padawan whose blogs rather complement mine than compete with it.

And the good news for non-french readers is they both have a french and an english version of their blog. I really have to fill the gap between this blog and my french one 😉
More about the panel in an upcoming note…