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Enterprise 2.0 by the example with All.U.Link at Alcatel-Lucent

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When I say that enterprise 2.0 issues are  becoming more and more important for companies, it’s not only words. After the experimentations time, comes the time of strategic views.

Alcatel-Lucent built its own vision of what the company should be tomorrow and they called it “dynamic enterprise”.  This vision was actually shared at their last Enterprise Forum which is ending at the Paris Congress Hall, in order to make both their employees and their ecosystem to know about it and feel concerned. To do so, nothing better than putting a first panel in situation to make them experiment the new kind of interactions that are made possible and imagine how they can use it for their own needs, in their own business context.

I advise you to watch the movie shot by the Next Modernity Team with  Xavier Martin and Annie Ohayon about this project. Unfortunately it’s in french 🙁 but I hope an english subtitling will be available…one day. But if you have french speaking friends who can translate it to you, I promise you it’s really worth.

It’s also the occasion for me to say how nice it was to work with all these people on this project.

That also comforts me with what I think is essential to succeed in an entreprise 2.0 project : a clear strategic vision, shared and embodies, with exemplary nature from the internal learders who demonstrated themselves what was expected, as I alreay mentionned here.

Many are dreaming about enterprise 2.0 and some are showing it by the example. Congrats to Annie, Xavier…and Alcatel Lucent in general.

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