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The (netvibes) universe for Enterprise 2.0 and knowledge economy is open

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I gave up using netvibes to follow RSS feeds a long time ago because if I found it nice to build a home page it was not the right tool for following hundreds of feeds efficiently. But things have changed since the new version (called Ginger) offers the capabilty to have a public page to share the feeeds you read. I find it more useful than a blogroll that’s so hard to keep updated.

To make it short, even if the job is not totally completed, you can visit the Universe I created this week end. The “Home” tab is dedicated to what I publish, the others to the contents I find relevand and like people to know.

Not easy to find relevant cataegory names…

The social network functionnality is interesting but, expect “counting my friends” (one more time !) I can’t see what’s the added value. Perhaps I’m too social-linked ? But I know what I’d like it to do : suggest me people whose universe share many feeds with mine, tell whe that “people who read this…usually read that….”. Someting that allows more serendipity…

To overcome this lack, I’ll do it the old way : if you have interestingblogs to suggest me in one of the following domains, thanks to leave a comment :

– Gen Y and Digital natives : not about commonplaces..

– strategy, elaboration and deployement, especially in the context of knowledge economy.

Thanks in advance

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