Sharing knowledge is not a task but a way of working


I just saw this interesting post on this topic,  thanks to Martin Roulleaux-Dugage. The difference between traditional KM and its “2.0” evolution is that it’s not a task anymore but a way of doing things, a on-the-flow activity.

Take time to classify, fill in forms, stock is real burden that often lead KM projects to fail. In the other hand, in just a few clics, classify, share an information as soon as it’s identified, write a quick note about it, quickly identify related documents and people who would be able to help me with my daily problemactics is rather a way of working. It’s not a task that need me to book some time, it’s an ever ongoing on the flow activity which is not its own purpose anymore but is linked to my daily problems solving.

This reminds me of my usual answer when I’m asked how much time it will take to a group to share knowledge within its members, how much time it will take to stimulate the group. The waited answer is often about hours, half days… My answer is the following : it won’t take a lot a time but it will take often a little time. But if there’s a business need behind, it will be painless. Minutes here, seconds there, on the flow, not hours spend when doing otherwise is impossible, when it’s impossible to wriggle and when job is botched up done reluctantly.