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Enterprise is not a closed system : the Starbucks example

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No company can (sur)vive isolating itself from the outside. In the other hand it has to grow richer because of all its ecosystem and consider it as an allied, not an enemy. There are many reasons for that.

– improve the way it benchmarks by taking the most of ideas and feedbacks coming from what’s essentiel : its market, its clients, its community.

– avoid being overtakes : whatever people talk. It’s better joining the discussion and learn from it than turning a deaf ear. Doing disconnects a company from its ecosystem and doesn’t help building a welcoming brand.

– keep control : it’s useless putting barriers where a tidal wave is coming : there are many chances for  barrage gives away. In the other hand, by funnelling the wave you can create energy.

– starting a costless BI approach.

That’s exactly what Starbucks is doing with MyStarbucksIdea et dont Pascal Veilleux nous parle ici. Pas besoin d’en dire plus, son article résume fort bien la situation. As its CEO says :

Welcome to This is your invitation to help us transform the future of Starbucks with your ideas-and build upon our history of co-creating the Starbucks Experience together.

And just like in our stores, our curious and passionate Starbucks partners are here. Engaging in daily conversation-bringing the warm, human connection of a great Starbucks experience to this online community.

So, pull up a comfortable chair and participate in My Starbucks Idea. We’re here, we’re engaged, and we’re taking it seriously.

Some say there’s a risk to see competitors come and take Startbucks’ ideas. It’s a wrong problem : the same facts must not have the same consequences for two companies. Depending on their culture, two companies having the same information are supposed to act two different ways. Just cloning one’s competitors lead to failure. The approach my be the same, results have to be different instead one don’t assume the importance of corporate culture.

But first, information has to be gathered.

Whatever, information marketplaces are a very heavy trend, a young model that will take more and more importance.

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