links for 2008-03-31

  • L’IE doit être envisagée comme un état d’esprit global ; il faut savoir prêter attention à son environnement, savoir écouter pour anticiper et pour détecter une menace ou une opportunité.
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  • Inéluctable, l’introduction du web 2.0 en entreprise ne va pas sans poser des problèmes sécuritaires, juridiques et, surtout, organisationnels. Spécialistes et sociétés pionnières livrent leurs conseils.
    (tags: web2.0 juridique responsabilité dsi socialsoftware socialcomputing saas)
  • The low transportation costs of “information” and “knowledge work” seem to imply significantly more competition in the arena of knowledge as we start competing in Thomas Friedman’s “Flat World”.
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  • Global enterprises operate on a truly global scale; operate with porous corporate boundaries (interacting with “outside” partners in much the same collaborative way that “internal” departments work together);and bring that global approach to all f
    (tags: collaboration worldsourcing intelligenceéconomique globalisation)
  • When you are designing and building systems that incorporate people and technology, you had better think about both how to make things work and about how things might fail.
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  • Organisations can design and manage formal structures to boost the value of these networks and to promote effective horizontal work across the vertical silos of organisations.
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  • Social software has an added dimension, which is that it should not be handled or implemented by IT departments or even marketing or HR departments, and certainly not in a traditionally organised and run enterprise
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