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Let’s meet at Webcom Montreal on May 14th

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That’s not a fresh new but late is better than never. I’ll speak at the Webcom Conference in Montreal on may 14th.Ca n’est pas une information de première fraicheur mais mieux vaut tard que jamais. Je ferai partie du plateau des intervenants lors de la prochaine conférence qui se tiendra le 14 mai à Montréal.

The schedule is very promising with generalist keynotes and three tracks dedicated to enterprise 2.0, marketing 2.0 and solutions 2.0. Note it’s the first time enterprise 2.0 has it’s own track at Webcom.

Speakers are also very interesting : I will finally have to see Andrew McAfee in the flesh, as well as Scott Gavin, John Husband or Brian Eisenberg. On the french side, Fred Cavazza, Xavier Aucompte and Vincent Berthelot will be there too.

You still can register,it think it’s worth the trip.

As good news never come alone, I’ll be on vacations at this time so I’ll have time to meet those who want (leave me time to go sightseeing…). I’ll be in Montreal from the 13 to the 18th. Before that I’ll visit my family in Toronto (8-12) and will take advantage of the opportunity to visit my “friend” Rex Lee.

It seems that Claude is planing a Yulbiz on the 13th. It would be a great idea.

This will be a very special day for me. As a matter of fact I started my french blog on may 14th 2005 and I was far from thinking it would take me so far… At this time I even didn’t new about the “Enterprise 2.0” word and I was only focused on HR issues…serendipity makes wonders !

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