Socialutions and problem solving : an interesting approach


Every week we can read about new concepts that try to explain how and why our enterprises will have to transform. Once wheat has been separated from chaff, few very interesting things remain. Last week I was very interested (impressed ?) by the concept of Socialution explained by Jay Deragon.

I recommend you to read him here,here, and there.

To make it short

The social web represents people interacting finding solutions to problems, information, career opportunities and doing so in a new organized structure. […]

Thus we’ve coined a new word, “Socialutions” having the definition of Tpeople, communities and organizations leveraging technology to interact with people for the purpose of solving problems. The act of working together with others to create new solutions to old paradigms of communications and interaction without boundaries and with limitless reach.

L’internet social ce sont des personnes qui trouvent des solutions à des problèmes, de l’information, des opportunités de carrière, le tout dans une nouvelle forme d’organisation.

Jay also points out what I think is really a key issue : solving problems. As a matter of fact,t the best example that  our ecomomy  has changed is the parallel between a model where people’s day to day tasks was about production and what we experience now, where people are to solve problems, with all the implied changes in terms of toos, management etc…

If I had to keep only one benefit from the E2.0 model, it would simply be that it helps solving problemes more quickly.

What say you ?