We cannot not change the enterprise


Whether we like it or not, companies have always been strongly impacted, with a certain delay, by evolutions of society.

Enteprises are not living independantly from the rest of the world and understanding the changes that happen outside their walls may help them to have better interactions with their ecosystem, build their future, and wonder what it will mean for them in terms of culture, of organization.

In short, enteprises have a lot to learn from this video.

What do you think ? How could an enterprise version look like ? What will be the impacts of social design on corporate world ? On the relations between enterprises and society ? On what companies will be tomorrow ?

In a former Harvard Business Review post, John Baldoni asked CEO to ask themselves “what’s happening ? Why is it happening ? What do we do ?”. Perharps it would be useful for them to ask the sames questions after viewing this.

I take benefit of the occasion to also add this one. Already seen but meaningful.

So, what does all these things mean to you ? And to your company ?