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Enterprise 2.0 is the occasion to invent the win-win two ways mentorship

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One of the points of the generational aspect of enterprise 2.0 is that we have to deal with both people who master tools but is not experienced enough to design a suitable use in a business driven context and people who master business issues but is not easy with the new tools and find it hard to see what they’d be useful for.

One good solution would be to set up a “two-ways mentorship”. In the one hand, Gen Y people who show their elder what can be done with web 2.0 tools and in the other hand, “Gen X” and babyboomers who teach them how to develop business oriented practices when using them within the company. I’m even sure, once they’ve seen what’s possible, they will find business uses that even web 2.0 addicts would not have thought about, just because they’ know business very well and tools have been demystified.

One only thing is needed : the will to really address the subject and a voluntarist approach. As Wachovia is doing.

What do you think ? It’s very “2.0” with moving from a “parent to child” to a “parent to parent” relationship.

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