Project Managers should focus less on processes and more on people

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A second post on project management, not so far from the first.

As written in this post, if current methods reassure people, they obviously show their limits. At a matter of fact :

  • KPMG’s survey results which contrasted 2005 with 2003 revealed the following:
    • There was an 81% increase in the number of projects globally
    • There was an 88% increase in project complexity globally
    • There was an 79% increase in project budgets globally
  • The Standish Group survey results for 2004 revealed that only 35% of Information Technology projects were deemed to be successful as measured by being within their original budget, on schedule, and delivering all user requirements satisfactorily
  • Ernst & Young and numerous others state that there are three categories of Project Management issues:
    • People-related issues which on average represent 80%
    • Process-related issues which on average represent 10%
    • Technology-related issues which on average represent 10%
  • O’Neill’s 1999 study results revealed that on average the typical Project Manager spends 70% of his time on Non-Value-Added project activities

Do you find this inspiring ?

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