Digital natives, e-culture, e-students


Everybody focuses on the digital natives, the e-culture, and how those who are coming after us will deeply transform organizations.

Another point is the underlying question of the use of new tools in the educational process. Because Digital Natives are Digital Learners, what perhaps count much more than anything else, if they can’t learn, their difference may of very few use.

It points at important issues regarding to the way the eductional system and their professors are interacting with them.

What consequences can be drawn from these quotes :

  • “my parents use e-mail … I text instant message“
  • 76% of my teachers never used wikis, blogs, podcats
  • once a weekn 14% of my teachers let me create something using new technologies ; 63% never…

Humm…aren’t they the 21th century students and the future of our workforce, those we’ll have to rely on to face dramatically new business challenges ?