Links for 10/13/2008

  • Toutefois en phase de crise comme celle que nous vivons actuellement, il faut avoir une approche différenciée pour chacun des deux volets de la fonction RH que sont la Gestion Administrative des Ressources Humaines (enregistrements, déclarations, paie,…) et la Gestion des Talents (recruter, impliquer, développer). Ne pas faire la différence pourrait nuire gravement à votre entreprise.

    tags: humanressources, talentmanagement, recruitment, retention

  • For many people the positioning of Enterprise 2.0 as a cost reduction engine is not new. Complexity reduction, efficiency increases and fast response times have been the cornerstone of many Enterprise Social Software pitches in the last 5 years.

    tags: enteprise2.0, costs, productivity, socialmedia, socialsoftware, growth

    • “The interconnections and interactions between people spark great value, but the more costly traditional tools have missed out on this great reservoir of of value, but the newer lower cost solutions offer these gems up wonderfully with a little coaxing.”
    • The promise of bringing social tools into organizations has never been about complicating worker productivity.  It centers on allowing individuals to act more independently and to make smarter decisions more easily.”
    • In many cases, enthusiasm for this technology has outpaced reliable case studies and visible progress, but that progress has become more remarkable in 2008,