Special Enterprise 2.0 event in Paris on Nov. 13. Join us !

You all know my creeds : tools must be made to improve the way people work, companies must improve their agility by working as networks (and even more in these difficult times…) etc. ect. and this vision seems to be shared by many people who often ask me how to put it into action.

Many of my readers often ask me questions in order to know more about blueKiwi, what we are doing, what we are planning to do…

Some also often tell me I’m lucky to meet high level specialists, to be able to talk with them and share our thoughts “in real life”

Well, I think you’ll be happy to know that your expectations about these three points may be fulfilled in nothing more than one evening.

As a matter of fact, on nov. 13th, blueKiwi will introductruce its new “bK2009” version in a “world first” event. It will embody our vision of making enterprise social networks become business tools that both meet people and company’s expectations in their day to day job. On a personal point of view, and according to the previews I had, I can tell without unveiling any secret that I’m really glad to see how our “in real life” experience with our clients has been translated within the tool by the implementation of many innovative functionnalities. I won’t say more about it… after all that’s not my job.

There’s something else that may interest many of you. This event must be, most of all, the occasion to share and convey our vision. And a vision is much more than tools. So we invited two experts in the web and enterprise 2.0 area in order they share their experience, their feedback, their analysis with you with distance and objectivity. They won’t talk you about such or such software that makes wonderful things possible but about the “things” in question, the “why”, the goal, the practices…in brief all these things any manager or executive has to be aware of, today, in order to make the right decisions.

The first will be Stowe Boyd, the famous  “web anthropologist”. He’ll speak about the deep ongoing tranformations, of the link between web and society and the way one act upon the other. You’re always told that “things are changing”, it will be the occasion to discover why and how.

Then we’ll have to translate it into an enterprise paradigm. Enterprise 2.0 is not web 2.0, and, most of all, it’s about enterprise before being about 2.0. So we needed an organization and management expert to explain that the issues are about day to day business practices, about the way companies are run. These are mainly business issues, and as I always say, by dealing with them you’ll build enterprise 2.0 without knowing it. By the way, enterprises don’t care about what’s on the label, they only want to improve the way they make business regardless to how experts call it, don’t they ? I was about to forget to tell you who was the second speaker. I’m very proud to tell you it’s my friend Jon Husband about whom I already wrote things here and who you can find on his site or his blog.

It will end by a cocktail where you’ll be able to talk with those who are making enterprise 2.0 a reality in France (and around) : companies, experts, analysts…

Ok the event will take place in Paris but I’m sure some of our close neighbors would be interested. And even if the site and the registration form are in french, be sure that keynotes will be english.

One more thing : an afterwork event in the setting of the “Salon du Louvre” in Paris may be worth crossing the Chanel or taking the TGV.

Feel free to pass the message through the blogosphere.

Bertrand DUPERRINhttps://www.duperrin.com/english
Head of People and Business Delivery @Emakina / Former consulting director / Crossroads of people, business and technology / Speaker / Compulsive traveler
Head of People and Business Delivery @Emakina / Former consulting director / Crossroads of people, business and technology / Speaker / Compulsive traveler

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