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Every day I notice that many companies, conscious that their move toward Enterprise 2.0 -like dynamics is a major issue, are beginning to hire people for new kinds of jobs. It’s both about aligning people-centric activities with corporate purposes, identify new opportunities, energize cross-organiszaiton dynamics, favor new practices and new tools adoption, re-align tools on practices.

A complex role that needs a mix between new knowledges and traditionnal competences. It’s generally devoted to internal people who discover this new complexity and have to be in two places ar once. As these organizations become more and more mature, they begin to build specific job description and hire a new kind of professionnals to manage these new activities as full-time jobs and rationalize what’s not an experimentation anymore but a new way to operate.

Wiser from their exprience in 2.0 tools implementation for HR and talent management projects, my friends from Talentys worked hard on this topic in order to formalize some job descriptions and key competences for these new issues. They propose

A « Community Manager » (CM

An« IT 2.0 expert » (ITE)

A « Chief Networking Officer » (CNO)

Feel free to download it and provide us with your feedback in order to improve it. And use it for your own needs if you need to hire someone… (Humm… this is a quick nighlty translation from the original doc but I think we did it well…)

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