Seen, read, heard this week #2


A new column that will be weekly…or not. Will last..or not. Sometimes I read, hear, see things that are not worth a post but that I feel like sharing like I would do at the cofee machine, around a drink or a lunch…


• This mindmap of enterprise organization by Richard Menneveux. Ok…it’s in french but the it’s so (sadly) true that it’s worth sharing it for the few french speaking people that may come here
Organisation d'entreprise


• “if you spend more time taking care of your team than with your boss, say any promotion goodbye” a Twitt[fr] of my friend Ray Dacteur. Sadly true.

• Don’t even think of hiring away linkedin users, they are happy where they arel. Anyway, linkedIn is become much more than a tool to manage your career.


• “Cloud computing is ineluctable. We must learn how this may help providing our users with more value with all these E2.0 tools”. Someone from the IT dept of an (supposed to be old school) biggest french companies.

• “There’s no crisis. Crisis supposes both a sudden dyfunction and the fact we try to restore the previous situation. In the current situation, we must not restore the previous situation but invent something new”. Frederic Dalsace, Social Business Chair incumbent at HEC School of Managementl (Btw, will write more about social business later).