What are the limits of your organization ?

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In a previous note, I asked you to sort out what can be improved but has no impact on your organization’s final performance and what is a real limit for the organization and which capacity should be increased.

This is a non exhaustive list you can complete according to you own experience. It’s about what we often hear when working on an organizational evolution or transformation project. Keep in mind that working on a “non limit” doesn’t improve anything in the overall performance.

• Control : are the current performance problems due to a lack a control on people and what they do ? Will your company be more efficient with more control and less autonomy for people ?

•  Interactions : does the fact it’s hard to build “employees to employees” interactions a barrier to organization performance ?

• Indicators : will the organization be more efficient with more indicators and reportings ?

• Identification : does the fact it’s hard to quickly identify relevant people on a given issue have a negative impact on performance ? If we make this even more difficult, will it improve the overall performance ?

• Workflows : do you suffer from a lack a workflows ? Will more workflows improve the overall performance ?

• Agility : would more agility have a positive impact on performance ?

• Agilité. Est ce que davantage d’agilité aurait un impact positif sur le fonctionnement de l’organisation ?

• Decision making : would the overall performance be increased if decision making was closer from its subject (subsidiarity, empowerment…) ?

• Feedback : is the lack of feedback, of bottom up communication a barrier to performance ? Or would less feedback have a positive effect ?

Answer to each question and you’ll know where to go. By deduction, you’ll also know that every point that got a “no” is not a limit to overall performance at this time and that reinforcing it is a waste of time. For example I guess that it will clearly appear that spending time on discussing control issues in an enterprise 2.0 project is a nonsense because the lack of control is clearly not a limit.

Perharps some “no” would also need not to be reinforced but to be lightened…

PS : Maybe solution to the limits you will identify will sound very “enterprise 2.0”.

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