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  • Thought-leaders, even if they are completely detached from the project, outside of the organization, and maybe even deceased, actually provide a tremendous ally to us if we know how to leverage them.

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  • This is pretty cool and probably the dream of any online marketeers. Community created content is TRUSTED by the community !

    But how can you build trusted “bottom up” content?

    Its all about how you facilitate the communities !

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    • 1. We need to build a content trust model
    • 2. We need to build a reputation model
    • 3. Facilitated community facilitation
  • There can be a real difference between online/offline communities when it comes to membership. You may have 10 members in a community and you want to enhance it by turning it into an online community. Over a couple of months, a lax Facilitator adds 100 people as a Members.
    Are these people really “members”, do they contribute in any way, do they do anything to make the community what it is.
    In the offline world you wouldn’t get a 100 people turning up unless they really wanted to contribute, as it takes effort and passion to get off your seat, or attend a synchronous meeting where you can be seen, and perhaps asked something.

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    • Membership is something that is felt, rather than handed out.
    • “There’s really only one rule for community as far as I’m concerned, and it’s this – in order to call some gathering of people a “community”, it is a requirement that if you’re a member of the community, and one day you stop showing up, people will come looking for you to see where you went.”
  • ESI International just released a list of Top 10 Management Trends for 2009. Their most experienced consultants and Senior Management say these trends point to organizational need for expertise while coping with tighter budgets, fewer financial and human resources, and change. Do you believe that this is where your should focus in 2009 to drive project and organizational success?

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    • Today’s economy will force organizations to confront the important roles middle managers play in the success of change efforts. Middle managers’ roles will shift from simple messenger of directives ‘from above’ to creating a positive environment to enable change
    • Powerful communication, key management strategies and new rules of engagement will be required to manage virtual teams
    • This year will see an increase in the understanding of the cardinal differences between projects and programs and the utilization of strategies to boost program managers’ effectiveness and increase program success. 
    • These informal communities will be highly prized for the lack of bureaucracy that increase the sharing and use of best practices, enabling increased dialogue to overcome challenges and growing future leaders.
    • People Will Come Before Technology
    • In 2009, many organizations will say goodbye to the ‘one number’ method for project outcomes and embrace a quantifiable range of potential results on which to base decisions
  • • L’intranet est comme un DAB (distributeur de billets): il vous permet de faire ce que vous voulez faire, quand et où vous voulez le faire.
    • Si vous souhaitez rendre votre intranet essentiel, il faut identifier un process que tout les collaborateurs doivent faire et le mettre sur l’intranet.
    • Measurer, measurer, measurer. (L’approche mesure doit correspondre à la culture de l’entreprise; toutes les entreprises ne peuvent forcément mesurer de la même façon qu’ont fait BA et le Environment Agency.)
    • Faites un suivi systématique de tous vos objectifs opérationnels.
    • Etudiez de près les besoins et comportements de vos utilisateurs.
    • Essayez d’y répondre à leurs besoins tout en vous assurant que vos actions soient bien alignées à la stratégie de l’entreprise en même temps.

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Head of Employee and Client Experience @Emakina / Former consulting director / Crossroads of people, business and technology / Speaker / Compulsive traveler

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