What Steve Jobs can teach us

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I found a best of Steve Jobs’quotations.

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Some of them should be taught at school and studied by many companies’ boards.

• “Always have a beginner mind”. It’s true that I have the impression that I do things better when i try to envisage thme with new eyes rather than trying to apply my certainties and my past experiences every time. One more piece of the controversy : “do what has to be done vs do what you know and you’ve always done”.

• The difference between leaders and followers is innovation. Sure John Chambers would not disagree.

• The only way to be good at something is to love what you do. And you have to keep on searching until you find. Who said employees have to behave as machines and taking affect into account in business life was heresy ? Perhaps it’s also a message to companies who must learn how to be loved and take this into account in their HR strategy.

• “I would try all my technologies for an afternoon with Socrates”. I never thought about that but why not ? After all it’s true that I would prefere the one who’ll teach me how to find solutions rather than a one who’ll give me a ready to use solution. The first will always be useful, the second will only serve once.

• Stay Hungry, Stay foolish. True. Status quo is not a way to improve anything, to find anything better. Neither overcautiousness nor certainties will make us progress.

To end, I’ll propose you to watch this video from Steve Jobs at Stanford for the umpteenth time. I don’t know if there is a connection but I remember the firt time I’ve seen it. It was the time when I decided to give up with traditional ways of thinking to find something more accurate to our times. My friends really told me I was crazy, that no company would ever want to ear about bottomp-up things or web 2.0. No they ask me if we have open positions…

Whatever. Take good care of you Mr. Jobs. And come back soon.

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