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  • As we found in our social networking field study that Mike Gotta ran, organizations often fret about potential negative impacts of breaking down organizational and, to some extent, social barriers. Some stakeholders wonder whether execs really want borderless discussions among their staffs, whether engineers really want sales people to be able to contact them directly, whether employees will spread poor practices without gatekeepers, etc.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that there is an elephant in the middle of the social software room. The unspoken question that is in the minds of execs is “Does our institutional structure and its information flows and bureaucracy serve a real purpose?

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    • One way to think about this in a more concrete way is to determine what proportion of the lines connecting boxes on the org chart are meaningful. Do they serve a useful purpose to the organization? If you were starting from scratch, would you redraw the same line?
  • Alors, pour développer le business dans ces temps difficiles, David nous confirme qu’il n’est pas nécessaire d’apprendre aux collaborateurs à vendre, ni de monter les enchères sur les primes.

    Il faut, au contraire, trouver, partner par partner, manager par manager, quel type de business le passionne, quel type de client il a profondément envie de servir.

    Car avec la passion, on le sait tous, on fait des miracles.

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  • If your objective is to share knowledge and to collaborate effectively or if that objective is to foster a stronger community within your business, then you have to look at ways of changing behavior within your organisation ? which depending on your existing culture and workforce demographic can take time.

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    • Develop social software Ambassadors/Evangelists.
    • Showcase case studies for all the different departments using social software.
    • special training sessions, make these fun, create a buzz around the launch
    • Make sure questions are answered quickly
    • Encourage your workforce to keep an eye on development in wider public communities.
  • Si vous gérez l’intranet et l’introduction d’outils Web 2.0 dans votre organisation et en particulier la couche de «business social software», désolé les ami(e)s mais le «bottom-up« et le «patchwork organique» ne fonctionnent pas… «Bottom-up can’t be managed» comme disent nos Voisins du Sud. Vous êtes surpris ? Pas très 2.0 comme attitude non ? Faut être réalistes ici. Monter une stratégie d’intégration de tous les outils technologiques qui composent le coffre à outils d’une stratégie «entreprise 2.0» ne peut attendre l’intégration organique surtout avec un budget et des échéances à gérer…

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  • There are many, many instances of financial incentives driving behavior that then causes organizations major problems. This fact raises the question of why no one ever seems to learn anything—which explains why the current situation with home mortgages looks remarkably like the case of making bad loans to countries that couldn’t repay them about 25 years ago and a little like the savings and loan mess of the late 1980s.

    I can point to three key reasons why collectively we seem to learn nothing from past mistakes:

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    • Lack of focus on understanding failure. 
    • Over-reliance on compensation as a management tool.
    • Omnipresent managerial hubris.

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Head of People and Business Delivery @Emakina / Former consulting director / Crossroads of people, business and technology / Speaker / Compulsive traveler

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