Innovation : from a “OR” to an “AND” culture

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What I can draw from this video is that what charaterize really innovatve companies is that they can find their way between assumptions that seem contradictory. They think in terms of “AND” instead of “OR”.

One may answer that always looking for compromises leads to solution that bring nothing, that choices have to be made and that’s the reason why people never chose : they’re afraid of making a wrong decision so making none is the best way to avoid failure.

I’m one of those who think that when two contradictory assumptions have to be taken into account, one or the other must be false. Or they rely themselves on false assumptions.

Example : having to climb up a high mountain vs. not being able to do any effort. This only on the only fact that, a priori, people take that a mountain must be climbed up on foot for grand. What about an helicopter ?  But everything starts with a false assumption that makes us think that a choice has to be made.

I wonder what would Steve Jobs think of that, since he teaches us to always keep a beginner’s mind.

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