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  • How can other institutional leaders follow suit to foster the emergence of creation spaces and collaboration curves? Here are four broad suggestions:

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    • More broadly, leaders must redefine the reason their institutions exist, breaking down institutional walls to move from scalable push to scalable pull.
    • Passionate individuals are usually talented and motivated, but they’re often unhappy – they see the potential for themselves and for the institution where they work, but can feel blocked in their efforts to achieve it. Institutional leaders must put mechanisms in place to connect these individuals with each other, and serve as their champion.
    • Modified incentive and reward systems help keep these people learning – through both success and failure – and rewarded for taking on more near-term risk.
    • These contrast with Enterprise 2.0 tools that mostly focus on collaboration within the enterprise. Enterprise 3.0 will eventually fuel the definition and deployment of new IT architectures designed to foster long-term, trust-based relationships across thousands of independent institutions–rather than short-term, narrowly defined transactions executed largely within a single institution.
  • So here’s a heads-up on a new shot across the bows from Stefan Stern in Management Today. Stern argues that HR is still in danger of becoming a bureaucratic pariah and suggests a way forward for HR professionals – ‘if we are bold enough’.

    Stern doesn’t make his view about the path towards HR’s ‘glorious future’ as clear as it might be, but it seems to be a combination of two things:

    * ‘HR professionals need to be real business people, with a grasp of profit-and-loss realities’
    * ‘Once some of that precious credibility has been (re-)established, there is an open corporate door for HR professionals to push at. And the prize is large.’

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  • “Why we need multiple open currencies explained in 6 minutes: Fernanda Ibarra interviewing Arthur Brock and Eric Harris-Braun.

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  • Voici une belle présentation Jean-Yves Huwart, concernant les principales différences entre les organisations du 20ème et du 21ème siècle. Elle explique pourquoi innovation et collaboration en deviennent le coeur stratégique.

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  • Comme un air de déjà vécu ?… Ce type d’organisation et de culture d’entreprise, si commune, finalement, étouffe pourtant toute tentative d’innovation qui n’est pas décidée au sommet. Autrement dit, elle tue à peu près toute innovation. Tout court. Les porteurs d’idées sont découragés. Leur créativité est mise sous cloche. Ils doivent attendre cinq, dix, quinze, vingt ans, le temps de monter dans la pyramide, avant de commencer à être écouté.

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Head of Employee and Client Experience @Emakina / Former consulting director / Crossroads of people, business and technology / Speaker / Compulsive traveler

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