Webcom is next wednesday


After having been a speaking last year, I’ll be attending Webcom Montreal as “official blogger”. This year again the schedule is very promising.

I’ve almost decided what speeches I’m going to listen (some choices have still to be made because some of them will occur at the same time).

Since I’ve never liked live blogging (no need to write deep analysis, lack of hindsight), I think I will :

• Make a live coverage on twitter (make sure you’re follwing me at  http://www.twitter.com/bduperrin if not done already).

• In the following days and weeks, deeper analysis of things that grab my attention.

• Maybe some interviews of….whom I want

I’ll try to publish my own schedule on tuesday evening in order you know when you need to follow me…or not.

By the way, which speeches would you attend if you were there ? Which of them are right into you concerns ? Maybe your inputs will help me to make my choices…