Participate in the 4th Global Intranet Strategies Survey

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As every year, Jane McConnell is working on her yearly survey about intranet Strategies. A survey that is eagerly-expected because of the high quality of her works.

You can still participate until August 31st.

The 4th annual Global Intranet Strategies Survey opened at the end of June and will stay open until August 31. All participants receive a complimentary copy (pdf) of the ” Global Intranet Trends for 2010″ report that will be published in the second part of October.

The key themes this year are:

– The workplace: Are intranets catching up with what people need to do their jobs?
-  Collaboration: How does the online workplace support virtual teams and communities of practice?
-  Social media: To what extent is social media being used internally and for what purposes?
-  Search: Is enterprise search still a perennial problem? What strategies and resources are being put into place to optimize it?
-  Ownership, governance and strategy: Who owns the intranet and what operating models and strategies are in place to drive business value?
-  Measuring value: What indicators are being used to measure the value the intranet brings to an organisation: adoption, usage, satisfaction, workforce coverage, reduction of risk, business value?
Instructions for applying:

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