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The concept of enterprise 2.0 is still unclear to many, even though they are often less far from it than they think. If, for sticking to their reality, we look at it in terms of process socialization, we realize that a lot of Mr. Jourdain in companies that have a logical relatively close but not “institutionalized” and not tooled. In short there are many “almost 2.0” islets but no many companies as a whole deserve the same name. (Notice : M. Jourdain is a reference to “Le bourgeois gentilhomme“, one of the most famous part of the play being when he was delighted to learn that he has been speaking prose all his life without knowing it.)

For once I’ll try to make it short because I came across a simple diagnosis tool that can let you know where you are and, roughly, to determine where to focus your efforts.

I invite you to go read the post where I “stole” the matrix.

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Where are you in terms of technical maturity? And  in terms of ‘social practices’, a word that should not be confused with collaborative: there is a dimension related to independence, intrapreneurship that is not negligible. Determine both what you think being to be the key elements of the technological maturity, the key behaviors of the social dimension and you know where you are and, more importantly, what you need to develop. More relevant than aiming to a nebulous 2.0 and applying magic recipes that are inappropriate to your own situation.

By the way, this is close to what I already wrote on  IT / HR  synergies on such a project. Each axis is indeed a dimension related to one of these entities.

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