Enterprise 2.0 : is there a French specificity ?

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I will soon be a part of a chat within the context of the upcomming enterprise 2.0 summit.The focus will be on national specificities regarding to enterprise 2.0 adoption. Intuitively we know that things should be done differently whether you have to deal with, american, french, german, italian people.. But, concretely, what does it mean ? How does it impact the projects, their success, failure ? And does it have any impact at all ?

That’s what we’ll discuss in the chat. Since one is always limited by his own knowledge and experience, I’d like to have as many feedbacks and thoughts and that’s why I’d like you to share your opinion with me. It will be interesting to gather opinions from foreign people to have external point of views and benefit from their insights about what they experience in their own country.

Some takes in a jumbe (personal thoughts and things heard) :

– be careful about clichés : the same problems happen everywhere…it’s only a matter of intensituy

– french companies are very rigid and hierarchical. Is it that true ?

– there is less engagement and corporate culture is weaker here, what prevents us from succeeding in participative dynamics. A strong distrust culture toward employers ?

– since french people are less respectful toward rules, they are used to do their own informal cooking to counterbalance the hierarchical weight. They’re happy like that and don’t want the enterprise to join them in the kitchen.

– french businesses are very “politic”. Even is something has a good impact on business, their are lots of power games and personal (ego ?) issues at stake. (But isn’t it the same in all large businesses in the world ?)

– french companies are overcautious, always making small steps, what does not help to demonstrate the value of something that needs a critical mass of people (pilots’ size seems to be dramatically different here and in the US for instance).

– we are impervious to the “try and see” culture.

– the word “social” makes execs feel sick

– we have a social culture that makes people aware of anything employees driven mass phenomenon.

– we are very wise and let others experiment on our behalf.

What do you think ? Does it match your own experience ? And how are things doing in your own country ?

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