Thoughts on social learning

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What’s social learning ? The word comes more and more often in lots of conversations, everyone understands what’s behind and yet everyone has his own definition. That’s the reason the idea formed at Ecollab to ask some experts what was their vision and to gather all these views into a whitepaper. And for once I have a good news since both the site and the whitepaper exist in both french and english.

I’d like to thank Frédéric Domon and Harold Jarche who managed to get us on the project and coordinate our work.

People who contributed : Harold Jarche, George Siemens, myself, Frédéric Cavazza, Clark Quinn, Cédric Deniau, Jay Cross, Florence Meichel, Charles Jennings, Frédéric Domon, Julien Pouget, Lilian Mahoukou, Christophe Deschamps and Anthony Poncier.

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