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  • “Social networking is taking its place among the corporate strategies of a growing number of companies. Manufacturing businesses are no exception. In fact, some of the world’s better-known companies are plunging into the social networking scene in a big way.

    Here’s a rundown of what some of them are doing:”

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  • “In-house experts, with their specialized knowledge and skills, could be invaluable to both colleagues and managers. But often workers who could use their help in other departments and locations don’t even know they exist.

    Talk about a waste! Because of an inability to tap expertise, problems go unsolved, new ideas never get imagined, employees feel underutilized and underappreciated. These are things that no business can afford anytime—let alone in this tough economic climate. Which is why so-called expertise-locator systems have become a hot topic in corporate IT.”

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    • Activities and interactions that occur in blogs, wikis and social networks naturally provide the cues that are missing from current expertise-search systems.
    • And social networks can help employees use existing relationships to not only reach out to distant experts but also trust them more than they would complete strangers.

    • [EXPERT]

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