Last hours at blueKiwi…and thanks for everything !

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At the moment this note will be published, I’ll be finishing my last day at blueKiwi. An exciting adventure, started 3 years ago and that’s now close to its end.

Being one of the first employees to join a company at its beginning, see it grow, go international, is a wonderful experience I recommend everyone to try once. I’ve at the same time the impression that it started yesterday because things went so fast, and that I’ve been there for a decade because so many things happened. The day when I bumped into people with a cool project in they wallet in 2005, recruitment in the early days of the company in 2006, being 4 people, then 10, then 30…seeing the product evolve, seing the company grow, take on international markets….3 (even 4) very rich years that taught me lots of things.

So I wish good luck to my ex-colleagues. But with a good product, an experienced staff and solid investors, they hold all the cards to go far, both business and geographically speaking.

As for me, back to the consulting industry. My main topics of interest being about things that are both around and before the tools, I wanted to make one step further in that direction.

After a month “off” that will help me to breath some fresh air, to restart some personal projects I hadn’t time to care about, I’ll join Netxmodernity in the beginning of 2010 (only available in french at this time…a brand new english site will be online in a few weeks). After all, it was written from the start : when I started to focus on all these 2.0 things, I learned a lot from  Marc de Fouchecour and Richard Collin, at the beginning by attending conferences where they were speaking, then by having a closer relationship and talking a lot with them. One day or the other we had to join. That’s done. The pupil is now joing his masters…and is happy to.

I’m joining Nextmodernity, of course, as a consultant, but with some side attributions I’ll tell you about later.

What to wish me ? Nice hollidays and good luck. But don’t forget to wish the same to those I’m leaving and those I’m joining : in both cases the stake is high but there’s really many opportunities to do great things. And we’ll do our best to.

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