New report on the state of enterprise 2.0


Cécile Demailly had the kindness to send me the report she made about the state of enterprise 2.0, a report than can be purchased here. It relies on the responses of people from 50 large organizations, often international, and the fact 48% respondants are french gives a very interesting picture of the double context (local culture in a global organization) that makes the matter unique and unsuited to generalization.

I won’t go further into the details and conclusions to preserve the interest of the document, but I’d like to share some thoughts all the same.

– numbers are consistent with my own experience, what is a good start.

– the report also tackles some issues not everyone is comfortable with. In particular : ROI, doubtful leadership, the gap between what organizations expect and what makes sense for employees. Conclusion are objective without any kind of bias.

– some new surprising angles that are very interesting : comparing adoption in B2C vs B2C contexts for instance.

– it’s consistent with the way I see things, most of all on from the employee’s perspective. I have a few posts in preparation about that and that’s true that, at least in our local context, autonomy, even when offered, does not spread through good intentions. On the contrary, its beneficiaries ask for a clear definition, a defined framework, sense.

– an interesting maturity analysis and, here again, a relevant focus on employees, on the “does it make sense, what are my challenges, my needs” instead of the “how to make them adopt this thing”. This reminds us, once again, than trying to make people happy despite of them and fufill our own dreams through them is neither efficient nor desirable.

There are also some points I’d to go deeply into. I’ve a meeting with Cécile in the next days and it will be the perfect occasion.

Enjoy your reading !