Understanding social messaging concept and tools

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Summary :enterprise social messaging is much more complex to understand that a simple enterprise Twitter. It’s about articulating flows, value creation, usage in a very constrained environment. While there are lots of solutions providing social messaging functionalities, the concept is still hard to get for organizations that still lack keys for understanding. A situation that may change with the recently published study from N:Sight Research.

At first sight, social messaging is a very simple thing. A tool allows people to publish status updates and follow updates depending on the publisher or the topic. In short, that’s enterprise Twitter.

Beyond this shortcut that simplifies the concept, relies a complexity that organizations are still struggling to get. Behind principles that look quite simple relies the need to articulate all these things with business goals, workplace constraints, make it support usage scenarios that make sense. At the end, organizations find themselves having to choose between a large number of solutions with using criteria that are not only functional but may take into account the articulation of functionalities and sense and a business context.

N:Sight recently issued a comprehensive study on social messaging. It consists of a very clear analysis  of business needs, what it means in terms of usage and functionalities and ends with a benchmark of 14 vendors based on these criteria.

This study will help organization to understand what it’s all about, determine their assessment criteria and benchmark a wide range of solutions.

Here’s a management summary. The full study can be purchased here.


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