Discover Golden Bees: programmatic marketing for recruitment


Golden Bees is one of the startups that caught my attention at Unleash18. It is a solution that for me is at the crossroads of two strong trends:

1°) The consumerization of the organization: the practices that are adopted internally and towards candidates as those usually used with regard to the client.

2°) The need for a marketing culture in HR. A candidate is a customer who comes to buy a job. It is necessary to target the right customer and deliver the message to which he is sensitive, which corresponds to his need.

Golden Bees therefore imports programmatic marketing into the world of recruitment and HR. What is it about?

It is not a question of posting offers on job boards but of going where the candidate is and proposing an advertisement that will lead him/her to the offer.

The benefits are pretty clear to me:

1°) Targeting: when we see what we can do in terms of customer targeting with all the collected data it is a shame to deprive ourselves of it to target candidates.

2°) Access to sleeping candidates, those who are not really looking for a job but can react to an offer they would like.

3°) Access to candidates who do not know the company and therefore are unlikely to go to its career site.

4°) The possibility of being creative in the message. Instead of the “SaaS Software Sales Representative ” which may be clear but not differentiating, anything is possible to differentiate, get the candidate’s attention and, then, show him the offer.

In this video you will find an interview with Jonathan Bordereau, its president and co-founder. English subtitles available.