Pathmotion: improve the storytelling of your employer brand


After Golden Bees, Pathmotion is the second startup I spotted at Unleash18 in Amsterdam.

For me Pathmotion is a natural evolution of HR marketing and candidate experience for different reasons.

The first is that just as the brand no longer belongs to the company but to its customers, the employer brand now belongs to the candidates.

Who today trusts the propaganda read on a company’s HR website? Unless one assumes what his employer brand is even if it means being cleaving, which very few assume, most companies have warm, afflictingly banal speeches, the objective of which is to avoid displeasing or even attracting a maximum number of candidates, whereas, on the contrary, what counts is to proceed to a first level of selection to attract those with whom there is a cultural affinity.

In short, between the official speech and the opinion of an employee who works or has worked in the company concerned, it is clear where trust is going to go.

The second is precisely the necessary evolution of HR towards a real marketing culture. The candidate is a customer who comes to “buy” a job and therefore wants answers to his questions rather than a top-down speech where the company says what it has to say but not what the candidate wants to know.

Here again, it is the employees who are at best to answer these questions.

Finally, the strengthening of an employer brand requires content marketing and effective referencing. Here again, succeeding in generating these contents almost automatically and naturally and, then, obtaining a good referencing, through exchanges between candidates and employee ambassadors has a real value and represents a significant time saving for HR.

The real challenge for me in a project such as Pathmotion allows is that the company does not use its employee ambassadors to carry the same message as before and, finally, to mislead the system. I think that companies are increasingly understanding the value of transparency, but I am not sure that some of them will continue to try to cheat. Too bad because it will definitely be noticed.

Thanks to David Rivel, Co-founder of Pathmotion, for this interview. English subtitles availble.