Candidate.ID: how to nurture your candidate base

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Another startup that caught my attention in Unleash Amsterdam: Candidate.ID. I had already spotted them and talked to them last year and I took the opportunity to look at their product in more detail.

They won the startup competition at Unleash this year, which makes me think I had a good intuition.

Many companies have a huge candidate base but how do they nurture it? Outside the recruitment process, a candidate never has any contact with the company where he applied and it is a pity because, if necessary, they are profiles that can be quickly reactivated, thus providing very advantageous recruitment costs and deadlines.

Moreover, not all candidates are at the same level in their job search path. Some are “hot” and looking for offers, others are more in an exploratory process and are looking for another type of content to get to know and engage with a company.

Here again, the client/candidate parallel is relevant. Each level of commitment and interest has a different need for interaction and content, a need that is not taken into account at all.

Candidate.ID allows you to track the interactions that a candidate has with the content sent to him, and determine how hot he is to join the company with, as a benefit, a better management of the candidate pipeline and a reduction in time to shortlist.

Thanks to Adam Gordon for this interview where we talk about candidate behaviors, HR maturity for marketing… and sorry for the sound quality on the demo. Interview in English with subtitles as much as possible in French.

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