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Don’t mistake team work for parallel work

Beaucoup d'entreprises ne jurent que par le travail d'équipe et c'est une qualité qu'elles recherchent chezleurs collaborateurs. Mais dans les faits beaucoup se contentent de distribuer les tâches et faire travailler les gens non pas ensemble mais en parallèle.

When colleagues are clients, everyone should adopt a vendor mindset

When it comes to digital transformation and more generally to any change program, I've surprised to see to what extent the value proposition for the employee is overlooked. Would anyone have the idea of...

Should Slack Fear Microsoft Teams ?

I mentioned Microsoft Teams in a previous post  and some people asked me how I saw the future between Slack and Microsoft Teams. For those who are not familiar with these environments, Slack and Teams...

The Digital workplace : both fragmented and integrated

At the end of the latest Enterprise Digital Summit in spring 2016, I left you with some thoughts about the digital workplace. In short : 1°) The monolithic and hypercentralized environment that meets every need does...
Disposable collaboration

Collaboration has become disposable. Is it a good news ?

As promised I'm adding to the conclusion of my recent post on the future of the collaborative digital work environment. If I had to summarized what I saw in the one or two last years...
The future of social collaboration

Slack, Facebook at Work and the future of social collaboration ?

In last may I was a speaker at the Enterprise Digital Summit  and if many of the topics we discussed used to be around for years, a couple of new ones emerged as real...
Microsoft acquires linkedin

Microsoft buys linkedin : lessons and concerns

The recent acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft for $26.2 billion was the biggest news of the last weeks. This move tells us a lot about the industry but also raises some concerns. Microsoft owns the...
Digital workplace fragmentation

Fixing the digital workplace fragmentation issue. Discussion with Richard Hughes (Broadvision).

A few weeks ago I wrote about the issues raised by the fragmentation of the digital workplace. That's a very important matter and I had the chance to go further into it during a...
Interoperable social IS

A praise for an interoperable social information system

The collaborative digital environment is getting more and more complex. The belief in a unique platform able to cover anyone's needs is collapsing. Either because a lack of governance or because a one size...
Social and collaborative enterprise

Willing to become a truly digital and collaborative business ?

No matter the words used, nearly any business wants to become digital and collaborative. Digital because it's the current buzzword, even if there's no agreement on what it means. Collaborative because it will be...
Facebook at Work

6 months with Facebook at work : my feedback

Facebook at Work : stroke of genius or huge joke ? Like many people, that's the question I had in mind when the enterprise edition of Facebook was announced. So I was both curious,...

How to Manage Complexity without Getting Complicated

Unlike what's often said, the complexity of their environment is not what makes businesses struggle. Their real issue is their internal complication what makes them unable to face the external complexity. That's what Yves...

“Send later” : a simple functionality to make it up with email

Improving or transforming email has been a trendy topic for at least 10 years. Improving or transforming, because it looks clear that it's not going to be replaced even if some businesses managed to...

Collaboration is a collective activity (and why you should care)

The same thing happens in nearly every workplace : a satisfactory level of collaboration and networking has not ben reached despite of the new tools and adoption plans. Of course, things have improved over...

Tomorrow’s enterprise will be collaborative, today’s wont.

The future of enterprise is collaboration and, more broadly, new forms of organizations where power is more distributed, competences et knowledge more shared and structure self-reconfigurable. But we must admit that, except some exceptions and...

[Quote] Markets are conversations

"Markets are conversations" That's the first these of the cluetrain manifesto. No matter the documents dates from 1999, it's been used to trigger the earliest phase of the digital transformation. Not at the society level...

Arnaud Rayrole : Chief Digital Officers are the future CEOs

Lecko recently published the 7th edition of their study on the state of the art of enterprise social networks. Besides the benchmark it includes a deep analysis of the market maturity and how businesses...

Collaboration trends in 2015 : more perspectives

I've already shared my thoughts on the main trends in collaboration in 2015.I'd like to complete this post with this excellent analysis made by Alan Lepofsky from Constellation Research. There are a couple of...

Facebook at Work : What to expect from it ?

It's one of the 2014's biggest rumors becoming true in 2015 : Facebook launches the enterprise version of its social network, named Facebook at Work. What is it ? Nothing more than an enterprise social...

Collaboration in 2015 : between email and new interfaces

Email is dead, long live email. If many announcements were made in 2014 regarding to collaboration solutions, I guess few people had predicted that the rock star of the year would be the good...
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