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No ! Experience is not a matter of content only.

Even if everybody's talking about customer experience there's no precise and shared definition of it and that allows service/tech providers to stay vague and sell anything to anyone. One day the party will stop...

Brands, what are your communities ?

Communities, communities. That word is never out off brands lips to refer to the people they try to communicate with. But, by using the same word for everybody, they take the risk of treating...

Being digital in 2018 : consumerize your organization

2018, consumérisation, expérience client, expérience employé, simplification, transformation digitale

Being digital in 2018 : stop thinking that digital is all about the customer

2018, e-commerce, expérience client, expérience employé, transformation digitale

Being Digital in 2018 : stop making your clients stupid

For any business, the first digital matter is communication. I would even say that communication is the first concern of any business, regardless if taken with a digital approach or not. No communication, no...

Being digital in 2018 : clients must behave better

When the web started to become a little bit mainstream, brands did nothing but digitizing their paper communications with showcase sites. A couple of years later, with the advent of "web 2.0" and internauts...

Why such a frenzy about HR Bots ?

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Data protection : a matter of customer relationship and trust

I've already discussed the fact businesses are unprepared to the coming to force of GDPR. In this post I'd like to highlight on the challenge that consists of taking the matter by the right...

Employee and customer experience : simplification is not rationalization

expérience client, expérience employé, parcours utilisateur, process, rationalisation, simpliciité, simplification, usages, workflows

So you think your brand has a community

communautés, marques, gestion de crise, community management, communication, relation client

The new customer centricity

Every business claims it's customer centric. At least that's the discourse, reality being very different. Between those thinking they know their clients while their client think they don't and those that collect data without...

Please stop saying brands when it’s about enterprises

Communication, délivery, expérience, experience de marque, marque

How can a business rewrite the rules of its industry ?

culture, ecommerce, hiroshi mikitani, livre, Management, marketplace

Do platform really care about customer experience ?

These last years have seen the advent of platforms as a leading model in the digital economy, to such an extent that many came to the conclusion that the future belongs to platforms and...

Open letter from an employee to a customer

Digital transformation mainly relies on two joint streams : employee experience and customer experience without which the employee experience won't be delivered. On the other hand, leaders often underestimate the digital maturity and appetite...

Using the experience word for anything will ultimately break it

For many people, experience is the central idea in digital transformation. A word that suddenly broke into our day-to-day lives but is nothing new : the founding act of the experience literacy is The...

The biases of the customer oriented organization

Customer-centricity is not option and it's the word leaders and managers are repeating all day long, endlessly. In the digital era a business can't be anything else than customer centric. Funnily, it often makes...

Customer experience leaders starting to allocate bugets to employee experience

We've been hearing that customer experience won't exist without employee experience for such a long time that we see it eventually happening. According to my observations, many businesses are following the same path. At...

CHRO and CMO : the two sides of a single challenge

This is the first post of a series about the latest edition of HR Tech World in London, which I introduced here. I had lots of expectations regarding this event : employee experience, creativity in...

Let’s talk about B2B customer experience

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