The new customer centricity

Every business claims it's customer centric. At least that's the discourse, reality being very different. Between those thinking they know their clients while their client think they don't and those that collect data without...

Data privacy and security : are businesses immature ?

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On data quality and the product database disaster

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Being data-driven means being context-driven

It's the current big trend. Every business claims it want to be "data-driven", in other words  rely on data for anything. Is this disruption that big and why do they insist so much on...

The end of search and the advent of the non benevolent assistance

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Analytics. It’s a matter of trust (again)

At the times when digital mainly meant collaboration and knowledge management, businesses quickly realized that the principal barrier to success was trus (or lack of). No trust, no success. When the question of data...

Chat Bots : beware of counterfeit

"Chatbots" are very popular. What is it ? It's a mix between "robot" and "chat" : chatbots are conversational robots that interact with users through an interface that often look likes instant messaging. Chatbots are...

Businesses know their employees. Really ?

Let's start from the beginning. Digital transformation is a matter of customer experience and this latter requires, among others, a deep customer understanding. We also know that there is no customer experience without employee...

Industry 4.0 : the dark side of the digital enterprise

Digital transformation often goes hand and hand with customer experience and the highest priority is often given to marketing and customer relationship initiatives. It is logical : it's the most visible part of the...
HR marketing and data

HR Marketing and employer branding in the age of data

I'll start with two observations that have very little in common at first sight. The first is that HR in general and recruiting in particular will have to adopt marketing approaches in their day...
Fix your organization before you deal with the customer

Businesses need a chief experience officer

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Thriving in the data economy

Thriving in the data economy requires a legal framework and boldness. An Interview with...

Everybody's talking about the data economy but few are really doing it. Some are aware but don't know where to start, some are stuck into their internal complexity and a legal framework that does...
Digital Assistants

How digital can improve the travel experience

Digital Transforms customer relationship and service in any industry. Today let's focus on the travel industry. How could players in the travel industry use digital to go to the next stage ? An frequent answer...

Men and robots : what work relationships ?

Recently I heard someone stating this during a conversations "We're going to work more and more with robot.  Anyway, they're already around". Then someone replied "No. We're not going to work with them. They're...

Stop advertsing. Nobody pays attention to it anymore

Data are the new oil and businesses really get it. On the other hand I'm surprised to see that the first thing that comes to their mind in terms of business cases is advertising....

The end of the web as the way to access information ?

Internet is a wonderful tool for information sharing and collaboration and the web is most easy and efficient way to access it. As a matter of fact, many people equally use both words but...

Big Data for recruitment : the end or the beginning of clones

Big Data and analytics will stretch all over enterprises in the upcoming years and one of their primary target will be recruitment. Facing this unavoidable change, I see people having two kinds of reactions....

IT departments in the digital age : from collaboration to robots, with Frederic Charles

Collaboration, role of the CIO, data, connected objects : what are the big trends of digital transformation ? Frederic Charles, in charge of IT Strategy and governance at Lyonnaise des eaux is an historical...

Use data to manage through emotions

There are many discussions on the impact of Big Data on decision making, what seems kind of misleading to me. Big Data will never help you to make better decisions, analytics - that are...

[Quote] In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data (Deming)

That's a quote many people like to mention but that's widely overlooked when it comes to actual work. It says that expect in one famous irrational cased based on personal beliefs, no one should...
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