The end of the web as the way to access information ?

Internet is a wonderful tool for information sharing and collaboration and the web is most easy and efficient way to access it. As a matter of fact, many people equally use both words but...

How analytics help to make better fact-based HR decisions

A couple of months ago I got interviewed by a journalist on HR Big Data and the probability to see it adopted one day. My answer was : 1°) HR Big Data means nothing. Big...

Big Data for recruitment : the end or the beginning of clones

Big Data and analytics will stretch all over enterprises in the upcoming years and one of their primary target will be recruitment. Facing this unavoidable change, I see people having two kinds of reactions....

IT departments in the digital age : from collaboration to robots, with Frederic Charles

Collaboration, role of the CIO, data, connected objects : what are the big trends of digital transformation ? Frederic Charles, in charge of IT Strategy and governance at Lyonnaise des eaux is an historical...

Big Data is not the privilege of IT anymore, Forrester says

As any new technology, Big Data entered organizations in a chaotic way, starting, of course, with IT departments. As a consequence, businesses face lots of internal initiatives with very little coherence and, in the...

Data and robots to make enterprise social networks successful

One day, annoyed by an unexpected problem, an employee figures out that the best may to find a solution is to use the social network his company deployed months ago. He logs in, throw...

The individalization of custmer relationship : why and how ?

The individualization of customer relation is the new concern of marketing departments. After mass marketing, after segments, we've reached the ultimate level of granularity. Bus as for any trend emerging as a "must have",...

People are complicated ? So let’s try with robots and data

Whoever has already been involved in a social business project will confirm that. The power of social business is people and the ability to leverage an unprecedented number of talents, ideas, skills and information...
Digital Assistants

How digital can improve the travel experience

Digital Transforms customer relationship and service in any industry. Today let's focus on the travel industry. How could players in the travel industry use digital to go to the next stage ? An frequent answer...

The future of participation : big data and connected objects

The future of web 2.0 and social web has been seen for long under the strengthening of user participation. It seems that we've reached the end of a cycle. As a matter of fact,...
HR marketing and data

HR Marketing and employer branding in the age of data

I'll start with two observations that have very little in common at first sight. The first is that HR in general and recruiting in particular will have to adopt marketing approaches in their day...

Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think

Very few people imagine to what extent what lies behind the catch-all name of big data will transform our lives in the future. Both at the professional, personal and collective level, questioning things we...

In the age of context the web is a collective intelligence platform

Connected objects, (big) data, social networks. They are today's hot topic even if the general public and even businesses don't really understand what it's really about. Each concept taken alone is poorly understood and...

Intelligent agents to improve the employee experience

Employee experience goes far beyond the way people interact with their work tools. But, given the time spent behind a screen every day, it's obvious that this side is a major concern. I already said...

Towards cognitive computing

In short. By increasing the amount of interactions and shared information, social computing made businesses meet their own limits : the incapability to deal with all the data at their disposal at the appropriate...

Big Data : why you’ll love to hate it

Like it or not, big data will become more and more important for businesses. There's still a lot of work to be done to help them understand its potential - even if nearly nobody...
Fix your organization before you deal with the customer

Businesses need a chief experience officer

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Big Data at Work

In his new book, Thomas Davenport explains why and how to design and deploy an enterprise big data strategy. If data are the new oil and Big Data one of the major challenges for the...

Men and robots : what work relationships ?

Recently I heard someone stating this during a conversations "We're going to work more and more with robot.  Anyway, they're already around". Then someone replied "No. We're not going to work with them. They're...

Stop advertsing. Nobody pays attention to it anymore

Data are the new oil and businesses really get it. On the other hand I'm surprised to see that the first thing that comes to their mind in terms of business cases is advertising....
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