Is the chief data officier the new ROI guy ?

The digitalization of society make new jobs emerge. Among them the Chief Data Officer (CDO). The chief data officer is responsible for the governance and utilization of data as enterprise assets. There's no need for...

The individalization of custmer relationship : why and how ?

The individualization of customer relation is the new concern of marketing departments. After mass marketing, after segments, we've reached the ultimate level of granularity. Bus as for any trend emerging as a "must have",...

On HR, Big data, Analytics and Moneyball

In brief : HR Analytics will change turn talent and competences management upside down. But not everything should be put into the hands of technology to reduce people to a couple of numbers. On...

Towards cognitive computing

In short. By increasing the amount of interactions and shared information, social computing made businesses meet their own limits : the incapability to deal with all the data at their disposal at the appropriate...
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