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Young people and businesses: not that a disruptive view

A few weeks ago Jam Trends published a study on the relationship between young people and business, entitled "What businesses (still) have to offer young people" (in French). We can read almost...
old vs new

Is there really an old and a new world?

Many debates on the opposition between a new and an old world. Whether we are talking about business, companies, society or politics, the opposition between so-called new and old worlds is omnipresent. This is all...

The ROI of transformation : an disturbing truth

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Size does not matter

Preconceived ideas on the transformation of small and medium-sized businesses

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We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years…

Some time ago I pointed out that, paradoxically, the dynamism of the digital world could be a factor of inertia in businesses. This is materialized through different behaviors. - Since it changes all the time,...

Hyperlean : what the advent of digital really means

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What’s the value of digital transformation ?

Let's not be in denial : we can say whatever we want about digital transformation, when it comes resources and budget allocation it's impossible to avoid that "what's the value ?" question. Dealing with...

Being digital in 2018 : consumerize your organization

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Being digital in 2018 : be agile everywhere !

Agile is trendy. Most businesses eventually adopted it, even reluctantly, to deliver their digital initiatives. The benefits are undisputable. Just to mention the most obvious ones : be sure to stick to changing needs, don't...

Being digital in 2018 : stop thinking that digital is all about the customer

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Being Digital in 2018 : stop making your clients stupid

For any business, the first digital matter is communication. I would even say that communication is the first concern of any business, regardless if taken with a digital approach or not. No communication, no...

Being digital in 2018 : find your actual IT ennemy

Every time business people talk about digital transformation and the hurdles they face, you can be sure that one of the first thing they will mention is IT. IT prevents business departments from moving fast,...

Being Digital in 2018 : Get rid of your CDO

I've always been sceptical about Chief Digital officers and I'm happy too see that they're not as trendy as they were. Some facts : • I don't have the impression that businesses that did not...

Being digital in 2018 : Forget the millenials !

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Being Digital in 2018 : don’t be frustrated nor destructive

Many people don't understand why others are reluctant to embrace the unavoidable changes caused by digital. I say reluctance but I could also say resistance or mistrust. You can face such attitudes either if...

Being digital in 2018 : clients must behave better

When the web started to become a little bit mainstream, brands did nothing but digitizing their paper communications with showcase sites. A couple of years later, with the advent of "web 2.0" and internauts...

Being digital in 2018 : forget big data !

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Being digital in 2018 : No wild rush forward anymore

The digital industry is addicted to innovation and novelty. It's always in search of innovation and the "Next Big Thing". It's more about geek stuff than business issues, more customer-focused than employee-focused. It comes with...

Being digital in 2018 : digital is a business matter

Digital is everywhere and since it's everywhere it's nowhere in particular. As I said in my previous post, it's not technology that hinders transformation. Technology is abundant, available, often affordable and easy to acquire. Technically...

Being Digital in 2018 : stop reheating old dishes

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