Digital transformation works but does not scale

For the third year in a row, IBM, the BCG and the EBG issued their report on the digital maturity of french businesses (document in french). Here are my takeaways. Digital businesses refocus on the...

What does achieving digital transformation means ?

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Protecting the corporate culture is not always good

Corporate culture is a central topic in any transformation project, either digital nor not. For some it's what slows transformation down, for others (whose voice is poorly amplified) it's the lever that make things...

Digital transforms Air Liquide’s core business and employee experience. Interview with Olivier Delabroy, VP...

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Numbers and ROI : please admit when you have no clue

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Digital Transformation in 2017 : the end of dreams and miracles

Hello and happy new year everyone. As the tradition wants, we'll start 2017 with some predictions that only commit those who want to buy them. Let's start with a quick flashback ont 2016. Even if we...

From Digital Transformation to busting bureaucracy

Digital transformation can mean different things. Some people will focus on customer experience but most of all it's, for a business, acquiring the capabilities to operate at speed and scale on markets that move...

Talents have gone digital. HR didn’t.

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Digital transformation : cultural revolution and reasons to worry about

If i had to sum-up in two sentences what I retain from the latest study conducted by the MIT Sloan Management Review in partnership with Deloitte and titled "Aligning the organization for its digital...

Industry 4.0 : the dark side of the digital enterprise

Digital transformation often goes hand and hand with customer experience and the highest priority is often given to marketing and customer relationship initiatives. It is logical : it's the most visible part of the...

Axa’s IT transforms for a digital world. An interview with David Guillot de...

During the the Vivatech conference that took place in Paris from june 30th to July 2nd and gathered 5000 startups, investors, 500 speakers and 45 000 attendees I spent some time on the AXA...

Frédéric Tardy (Axa) : insurance agent is a job for the future in a...

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Digital and the consumerization of the workplace

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Middle Managers lost in digital

Digital Transformation and the key role of middle managers

Over time we're starting to have a good understanding of how digital transformation should be driven, what works and what does not. Executive managers are aware of the matter without always understanding it. So they...

Leading Digital : how to digitize a non digital born business ?

When people talk about digital businesses, they often mention  pure players like Google, Uber etc. what leads logical reactions from traditional businesses. They say "that's not me", "that's not for us", "we're different", "we...

Digital Transformation : don’t forget blue collars

Digital transformation is too often a matter of white collars. It can be seen at two levels. First because it's thought and designed by white collars, second it's made for white collars. My latest...
Social and collaborative enterprise

Willing to become a truly digital and collaborative business ?

No matter the words used, nearly any business wants to become digital and collaborative. Digital because it's the current buzzword, even if there's no agreement on what it means. Collaborative because it will be...
Digital Business Model

Stop looking for disruptive digital business models

As I've said many times since the beginning of the year, digital transformation is on its way, the rocket has been launched but most businesses don't know how to land it. As a reminder,...
Digital Dexterity Cap Gemini

Digital is a matter of dexterity, Cap Gemini consulting says

Clearly, more and more studies about digital transformation are being published. Today, I'd like to say a few words about one from Cap Gemini Consulting titled "Organizing for Digital: Why Digital Dexterity Matters". The main...
Digital Transformation and change

Digital Transformation needs speed and anchoring but not at the same pace

Digital transformation is a change like any other and so it must follow some rules no one can bypass. Like gravity. As obvious as it may seem, it's better to remind it as better...
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