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Happiness is an illusion, well-being can be bought, satisfaction is earned

Aware that the disconnection between them and their employees and their work does not serve them in the long term, companies are increasingly concerned about what Marylène Delbourg-Delphis calls human infrastructure. The question is how...

Everybody Wants to Love Their Job

The question of the relationship between employees and their work and their company remains a subject that is much in the news. It seems that the subject will be eternally topical, which would not...

Is empowerment key to employee experience ?

From my point of view, most of the employee's experience takes place during  work. I mean when the person is operational, performs tasks, does his job. What are his points of contact with the company?...

#Unleash18 Day 1 : My Wrap-Up

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2018 is the year of the Employee, Oracle says

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Human relationship prevail in employee employee experience

There's a growing number of publications about employee experience. I recently found this one from Accenture In just post I'll only focus on the main points that I'll comment in the light of my own...

Being digital in 2018 : consumerize your organization

2018, consumérisation, expérience client, expérience employé, simplification, transformation digitale

Being digital in 2018 : stop thinking that digital is all about the customer

2018, e-commerce, expérience client, expérience employé, transformation digitale

Employees and customers : one single app to manage them all ?

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Employee Experience beyond HR

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On the consumerization of HR (again)

I've already wrote about the consumerization of the workplace and of HR in particular. As I recently said, I'll remind the latest edition of HRTech (now let's call it Unleash) as the pivotal moment...

The 4 dimensions of employee experience

I recently attended the HRTech World conference in Amsterdam (which was renamed "Unleash" afterwards, what will be the topic of a future post). Logical consequence of the trends observed during the latest editions in...

Employee and customer experience : simplification is not rationalization

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How to measure employee experience ?

Employee experience is like customer experience : everyone is talking about it but very few measure it. Beyond the qualitative side and the "Wow effect" it's hard to measure it and identify directions for...

Video and P2P : how learning is being consumerized

When I speak about digital transformation I often say that it's enterprise consumerization. The idée behind that is that anything that is done for the client should be done as soon as possible for...

Businesses don’t respond to candidates and bully customers

He was recently reading a good blog post written by french students from a famous master degree in HR saying that most businesses find it impossible to respond to all candidates. Obviously and despite...

Digital transforms Air Liquide’s core business and employee experience. Interview with Olivier Delabroy, VP...

air liquide, chaine de valeur, expérience employé, Innovation, simplification, transformation digitale

Using the experience word for anything will ultimately break it

For many people, experience is the central idea in digital transformation. A word that suddenly broke into our day-to-day lives but is nothing new : the founding act of the experience literacy is The...

The employee experience advantage : a reference work on employee experience

Employee experience is a new field and if we're starting to see interesting things happening, there was no real reference book on this topic.  The employee experience advantage by Jacob Morgan is filling this...

The biases of the customer oriented organization

Customer-centricity is not option and it's the word leaders and managers are repeating all day long, endlessly. In the digital era a business can't be anything else than customer centric. Funnily, it often makes...
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