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How do you design employee experience?

You have collected needs and ideas, you have prioritized them, but now the overriding question remains: "what do we do? Identifying a friction point is one thing, addressing it...

Microsoft Viva: the revolution in employee experience platforms?

A few weeks ago Microsoft announced the release of Microsoft Viva, its employee experience platform and one of the first products that really claims to be one on the market.
idea box

A problem box is better than any idea box

The employee experience largely consists in removing the friction points in the daily life of the employees and making their different journeys more fluid. For those who don't know from which angle...

The flow of work, glass ceiling of the employee experience

When one looks at the way companies go about improving the work of their employees, three types of initiatives can be observed. Three levels of action for employee experience

Employee experience is not a support function but a business function…

Today we are going to twist the received idea that employee experience = HR = Support function. Employee experience goes beyond HR I've already had the...

Can agile management improve the employee experience?

Employee experience has a very operational component in the daily work that concerns the content of the work and the way it is done. Here we are in the concreteness, when the...

Transforming Operational Work Experience: The Pitfalls to Avoid

Once you have become aware of what employees really do at work and have identified all the factors that generate frustration, pain and inefficiency, the next step is to know how to...

Employee experience: do you know what your staff (really) does?

You have therefore understood that the employee experience does not consist of people experiencing pleasant things, but rather experiencing them when they do their job, that there is therefore a subtle difference...

Training: an experience that does not think enough about its “client”.

Few things are as experience-driven as training in the employee's life cycle. Because it's something that we receive thus because it implies an interaction whether it's with a human...

From employee experience to employee service: this is it!

For the past 15 years or so, what I call the consumerization of organizations has been underway. What I mean by this is that the employee, in the company, will find the...

Career management: the long-term experience of the employee

If we start from the principle that an experience is something that we live, it necessarily has an instantaneous character, even if ideally it should leave a memory trace over time. In...

Who really benefits from the employee experience?

As I said in a previous article, it is often misunderstood who is the subject of the employee experience: it is not so much the employee that needs to be taken care...

The knowledge base: a lifeline for your employees

The topic of employee onboarding and mentoring raises the question of passing on a certain amount of knowledge that an employee needs to acquire. The central issue of employee...

When does an employee’s onboarding begin and end?

The onboarding is a key moment for an employee. These are his first real moments in the company, the moment when, after having often only seen the show apartment, listened to the...

The subject of the employee experience is not…the employee

Very often I hear that the purpose of the employee experience is to take care of…employees. Well if that's partly true it's also largely untrue. What I mean by...

The 6 dimensions of a successful onboarding

Today nobody questions the fact that successful onboarding is essential. It determines whether an employee stays or leaves quickly, whether he or she is quickly operational and committed. It is also a...

Employee Experience: The Missing Facet of Employee Value Propositon

After having successively talked in a general way about the candidate experience on a career site with a large part dedicated to the message delivered and the link between employer brand and...

Your employee experience is your employer brand

Very often I see the Employee Experience theme treated along with the Employer Brand one. On the one hand, this is only logical because if the way an employee lives his work...

A career site is an e-commerce site that sells jobs.

If we adopt an employee life cycle logic, looking for a job and applying for a job is one of the first steps in the employee experience and your career site is...

What is the difference between an Employee Experience strategy and an HR policy?

I often hear people say "you don't need employee experience anyway, that's the job of HR, you don't need to create something specific". It's a very audible remark and I largely understand...
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