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Digital transformation is about making things simpler. Period.

By the way, what is digital transformation ? Search the web, there are as many definitions as there experts and practitioners. Some have technology oriented approach, others an organizational one, others focus on business...
Employee Experience

Employee experience : who should be in charge ?

After a first post on defining employee experience and a second on how to turn it into concrete initiatives, it's time to wonder about who should be in charge and manage it. That's a key...

Experience sounds nice. But what’s the value ?

We've seen why experience is becoming key in digital transformation and tried to find its main characteristics. Before going further, it's important to focus on its economical value. I see this point from two perspectives....

Putting the H back at the center of HR

At the end of october I attended the HRTech Europe conference in Amsterdam to see what was the state of the art and understand how HR were positioning themselves regarding to matters like digital...

The digitization of HR has started but is not as sexy as expected

I attended HR Tech World Congress in Paris a couple of weeks ago and this post is the first of small series on what I saw and learned at the event. The digitization of HR...

The experience economy, cornerstone of the digital economy

Digital transformation is nothing more than a specific culture and philosophy applied to the design of new experiences The world is changing so fast that people don't know which economy to turn to. Knowledge economy,...

How does digital transformation look like #2 : the invisible part

Limiting digital transformation to the implementation of an enterprise social network, a disrupting initiative in the field of customer relationship or the use of analytics for decision making would be a big mistake. As...

Ludovic Guilcher (Orange) : HR at the heart of digital transformation through the employee

Orange announced its new strategic plan, Essentials 2020 in march. Without any surprise we can find all the building blocks of digital transformation applied to a large business that needs to make a slight...

Leverage your partnerships to increase your experience

If a lot is being said about customer experience and if the idea of employee experience is making significant progress, partners experience is still overlooked. What do I mean by partners ? They are of...

The benefits of becoming an experience company

In a long series of posts I investigated the concept of experience which is returning on the front stage as digital transformation becomes a major concern. We've seen - how experience and digital transformation related...
Employee Experience

Defining your employee experience (part 2) : the touchpoints

After a first post on how to define the employee experience of a business and make it workable, this one is about how to make it practically happen. As for customer experience, what really matters...

HR Marketing : towards the employee experience

Either human resources and social media are the subject of many books but very few cover both fields. The intersection of HR and social media is still a very discussed matter but very few...

Digital transformation : what to expect in 2016 ?

It's the end of the year and the time for predictions for those who'd like to believe in. More seriously, seen from my small window, here are some trends I've identified for 2016 1°) A...

Digital Transformation : don’t forget blue collars

Digital transformation is too often a matter of white collars. It can be seen at two levels. First because it's thought and designed by white collars, second it's made for white collars. My latest...
Define your employee experience

Defining your employee experience (part 1)

Following my former posts on employee experience and how big it is, it's time to wonder how to implement it and make it work. I'll basically break it down into three elementary steps : 1°)...
HR marketing and data

HR Marketing and employer branding in the age of data

I'll start with two observations that have very little in common at first sight. The first is that HR in general and recruiting in particular will have to adopt marketing approaches in their day...

Intelligent agents to improve the employee experience

Employee experience goes far beyond the way people interact with their work tools. But, given the time spent behind a screen every day, it's obvious that this side is a major concern. I already said...
Digital Business Model

Stop looking for disruptive digital business models

As I've said many times since the beginning of the year, digital transformation is on its way, the rocket has been launched but most businesses don't know how to land it. As a reminder,...

Millenials : myths and disturbing truths

New generations scare and inspire at the same time but, paradoxically, when we meet them they're not the monsters that's often described. They even say they don't recognize themselves in the way the olders...
Digital employee to CEO

Letter from a wannabe digital employee to his CEO

Dear CEO, You frequently take stands on our company's digital transformation, either in the press or internally. That's very kind of you and the least politeness from our part is not to leave your words...
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