Discover Golden Bees: programmatic marketing for recruitment

Golden Bees is one of the startups that caught my attention at Unleash18. It is a solution that for me is at the crossroads of two strong trends:1°) The consumerization of the organization: the...

#UNLEASH18 Day 2: a short tour of the vendors and startups

After a first one dedicated mainly to business approaches, for this second day at Unleash18 Amsterdam I looked more at vendors and startups. Before coming back to some of these points in more detail,...

#Unleash18 Day 1 : My Wrap-Up

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2018 is the year of the Employee, Oracle says

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Is the feedback applications market saturated ?

This year again, feedbacks apps were very well represented at the  Unleash conference in London. Feedback apps : a response to an essential need Feedbacks are a cornerstone of modern management if not of any modern...

Scoop : Millenials love work and money !

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hr tools adoption

HR Tools adoption : is it a change or a design related issue ?

As I said here, one of the things I noticed at the latest 'UNLEASH Conference & Expo edition was the importance given to HR Tools solutions. It's not a new matter but it's taking...

Culture, engagement and leadership : there’s no app for that !

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UNLEASH18 : my take

Last week I attended leash18, the london-based spring edition of UNLEASH Conference & Expo, formerly HRTech. I already wrote a post explaining my understanding of this rebranding through some major trends forcing HRT to...
HR and productivity

HR and productivity : a really insoluble equation ?

As I mentioned here, expectations about HR are changing : after personnel administrative management, talent management and engagement, HR are expected to have an impact on productivity. While mentioning HR and productivity in the...

Unleash : when HR sees beyond HR

HRTechWorld London Unleash London will take place on march 20th and 21st. A rebranding that's been announced in Amsterdam in last october/ may tell me that's just a marketing rebranding and that's there no...

Employees and customers : one single app to manage them all ?

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Is learning becoming a “content” business ?

One more blog post about my takes from HRTech in last october. This one is about learning and is the result of some observations of mine and of the talk of Adam Mille, Cornerstone's...

Employee Experience beyond HR

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Why such a frenzy about HR Bots ?

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What tone and personas for your HR communication ?

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Managing generations ? Start with gen X !

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Businesses don’t respond to candidates and bully customers

He was recently reading a good blog post written by french students from a famous master degree in HR saying that most businesses find it impossible to respond to all candidates. Obviously and despite...

The employee experience advantage : a reference work on employee experience

Employee experience is a new field and if we're starting to see interesting things happening, there was no real reference book on this topic.  The employee experience advantage by Jacob Morgan is filling this...

Employee experience must not be discriminating

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