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Employee experience make organizations more efficient

There's no customer experience without employee experience. Even if it sounds obvious, reality is often far from that since customer experience is often at the center of digital business models while employee experience is...

The digital revolution of HR won’t be youtubed

Hr are aware of the risk of being downgraded but also know that digital transformation is a real opportunity for them, so they try to pull together and take over leadership on the matter....

2Spark : driving change one minute a day

Is change better driven through heavy and one-shot actions or through daily micro-events on the long term ? Is the anchoring of new knowledge and behaviors more a matter of repetition than of intensity...

Digital transformation : the kingdom of atypical people

A digital transformation initiative is a transformation initiative before all, so it follows the same rules. If the people in charge do not understand what the destination is and how to get there, if...

What qualities for the social employee ?

Following my previous post on the social employee and knowing the difficulties businesses face to attract and mobilize digital talents, I put together a list of the qualities that are expected from employees in...

Putting the H back at the center of HR

At the end of october I attended the HRTech Europe conference in Amsterdam to see what was the state of the art and understand how HR were positioning themselves regarding to matters like digital...

The digitization of HR has started but is not as sexy as expected

I attended HR Tech World Congress in Paris a couple of weeks ago and this post is the first of small series on what I saw and learned at the event. The digitization of HR...

How about HR making worklife simpler ?

As I often say to people wanting to start the digital transformation of their business but don't know where et start and where to head : try to make things simpler for both the...

Social dialogue in the social media era

Social media and networks are game changers in the workplace. As they allow a less hierarchical, less formal and more desintermediated form of communication, they change the way people communicate, collaborate and work. It's...

Are your employees really hopeless at digital ?

A company decides to tackle its need for digital transformation. Not only to provide new trendy devices and tools by make employees make a relevant use of them. Make them think what they do,...

How does digital transformation look like #1 : the visible part

Once leaders have understood there may be reasons to change things, the first question that comes is "what should we do ?", "how will it materialize" ? In fact digital transformation has two sides -...

Your old HR barometer measures everything but engagement

Employee engagement is a hot topic but how to measure it ? While there's not a single week without alarming numbers about employee engagement and since the impact of engagement on the "return on...
Employee Experience

Employee experience : who should be in charge ?

After a first post on defining employee experience and a second on how to turn it into concrete initiatives, it's time to wonder about who should be in charge and manage it. That's a key...
Bullshit about generations

Please stop the bullshit about new generations

Every time we think we're finally done with this topic, it comes back loke a boomerang. I'm, of course, talking about the famous "new generations" that will turn businesses upside down, transform its culture,...
Digital Agility Test

The Digital Agilty Test introduced by David Castera

Employee are at the center of the digital transformation of any business. First because their Digital IQ is the limit of the digital potentiel of the organization, secondly because the most advanced ones are...

How does digital transformation look like #2 : the invisible part

Limiting digital transformation to the implementation of an enterprise social network, a disrupting initiative in the field of customer relationship or the use of analytics for decision making would be a big mistake. As...

The Future of work by Jacob Morgan : digitizing Drucker

Digital transformation is not a customer-facing program only. As a matter of fact, organizations will have to reinvent themselves internally too for the same reasons. First because the world, the society, people are changing...

Big Data for recruitment : the end or the beginning of clones

Big Data and analytics will stretch all over enterprises in the upcoming years and one of their primary target will be recruitment. Facing this unavoidable change, I see people having two kinds of reactions....

Ludovic Guilcher (Orange) : HR at the heart of digital transformation through the employee

Orange announced its new strategic plan, Essentials 2020 in march. Without any surprise we can find all the building blocks of digital transformation applied to a large business that needs to make a slight...
Generations and life stages

Generations don’t change. Life stages do

New generations, Y,Z and what will come after are still the source of passionate debates even is some of their members are not that "new" anymore and are making their way in their company....
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