Digital and the consumerization of the workplace

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HR marketing and data

HR Marketing and employer branding in the age of data

I'll start with two observations that have very little in common at first sight. The first is that HR in general and recruiting in particular will have to adopt marketing approaches in their day...
Digital HR is useful HR

Digital HR is to malke HR useful at HRTech World

A lot is being said about digital RH but the concept is still poorly defined. It's a catch-all word for all the issues businesses would like technology to solve without having to deal with...
Social and collaborative enterprise

Willing to become a truly digital and collaborative business ?

No matter the words used, nearly any business wants to become digital and collaborative. Digital because it's the current buzzword, even if there's no agreement on what it means. Collaborative because it will be...
Employee experience is the future

Employee experience is much more than the future of employer branding

In a previous post I introduced employee experience as the future of employer branding (or its extension, depending on what employer branding already meant to you). As a matter of fact, in the same...
Anne Boucher

“HR must be client centric”. Anne Boucher (SNCF)

Among my favorite HR matters when it comes to digital, there are client orientation and simplification. In many businesses we can see pioneers following this path. Today I'm sharing a transcript of my interview...
Generations and life stages

Generations don’t change. Life stages do

New generations, Y,Z and what will come after are still the source of passionate debates even is some of their members are not that "new" anymore and are making their way in their company....
Digital Agility Test

The Digital Agilty Test introduced by David Castera

Employee are at the center of the digital transformation of any business. First because their Digital IQ is the limit of the digital potentiel of the organization, secondly because the most advanced ones are...
hr tech world london

Curious about the future of work and HR ? The answer at HR Tech...

The revolution impacting businesses is not only a matter of technology. It's about culture and behaviors, supported by technology. As the consumer world is experiencing a radical disruption, thinking that businesses will be still...
Employer Branding

Employer Branding is not about branding anymore

The other day I had a long discussion about employer branding. Most people involved in the discussion agreed to define employer branding as the sum of communication strategies to make an employer more attractive....

“E-learning is about knowledge acquisition, not about using it at work”. William Peres

In my opinion, what is key to any kind of change is to acquire and adopt new behaviors. It means two things for businesses today : • They must help people on the field to...

Recruiting is a matter of marketing and candidate experience

HR and recruiting will, like any corporate function, face the consumerization of the work environment. By saying that I mean that practices, approaches and tools from the consumer world will be used  for employees....

The digitization of HR has started but is not as sexy as expected

I attended HR Tech World Congress in Paris a couple of weeks ago and this post is the first of small series on what I saw and learned at the event. The digitization of HR...

What future for communication directors ?

In the popular "what will my job become", today I'd like to focus on communication directors. I've been asked the question of the future of communication directors many times over the last months so...

Who are the clichés about new generations for ?

New generations are extraterrestrials. They don't respect anything, have expectations that are totally different from their elder's and will revolutionize the way people consume and work. That said, when you talk about that with field...

How about HR making worklife simpler ?

As I often say to people wanting to start the digital transformation of their business but don't know where et start and where to head : try to make things simpler for both the...

The digital revolution of HR won’t be youtubed

Hr are aware of the risk of being downgraded but also know that digital transformation is a real opportunity for them, so they try to pull together and take over leadership on the matter....

Ludovic Guilcher (Orange) : HR at the heart of digital transformation through the employee

Orange announced its new strategic plan, Essentials 2020 in march. Without any surprise we can find all the building blocks of digital transformation applied to a large business that needs to make a slight...

The Future of work by Jacob Morgan : digitizing Drucker

Digital transformation is not a customer-facing program only. As a matter of fact, organizations will have to reinvent themselves internally too for the same reasons. First because the world, the society, people are changing...

Millenials : myths and disturbing truths

New generations scare and inspire at the same time but, paradoxically, when we meet them they're not the monsters that's often described. They even say they don't recognize themselves in the way the olders...
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