Emakina boosts engagement and HR marketing with Hero

How to gamify work, boost engagement, favor workforce learning, boost employee engagement and reinforce its HR marketing with a single system ? It's a matter of productivity, engagement and employer brand all businesses face...
Axa partners with startups

How AXA partners with startups. An Interview with Elise Bert Leduc

assurance, AXA, AXA Strategic Ventures, Elibe Bert Leduc, KAMET, partenariats, startups, Vivatech

Participative innovation leads to intrapreneurship at Credit Agricole

A couple of weeks ago I came across a very interesting white paper on intrapreneurship issued by french bank Credit Agricole. I did not mention it on this blog since the content was only...

Arnaud Rayrole : Chief Digital Officers are the future CEOs

Lecko recently published the 7th edition of their study on the state of the art of enterprise social networks. Besides the benchmark it includes a deep analysis of the market maturity and how businesses...
Digital Agility Test

The Digital Agilty Test introduced by David Castera

Employee are at the center of the digital transformation of any business. First because their Digital IQ is the limit of the digital potentiel of the organization, secondly because the most advanced ones are...

Ludovic Guilcher (Orange) : HR at the heart of digital transformation through the employee

Orange announced its new strategic plan, Essentials 2020 in march. Without any surprise we can find all the building blocks of digital transformation applied to a large business that needs to make a slight...
Anne Boucher

“HR must be client centric”. Anne Boucher (SNCF)

Among my favorite HR matters when it comes to digital, there are client orientation and simplification. In many businesses we can see pioneers following this path. Today I'm sharing a transcript of my interview...
Digital workplace fragmentation

Fixing the digital workplace fragmentation issue. Discussion with Richard Hughes (Broadvision).

A few weeks ago I wrote about the issues raised by the fragmentation of the digital workplace. That's a very important matter and I had the chance to go further into it during a...

Intranet : too many messages, not on right screen says Jean-Paul Chapon (Société Générale)

The web and its social conventions are game changers for communication managers. New tools, postures, an intranet mutating into digital workplaces. That raises many questions. First for intranet and communication managers. With a profusions of...
Thriving in the data economy

Thriving in the data economy requires a legal framework and boldness. An Interview with...

Everybody's talking about the data economy but few are really doing it. Some are aware but don't know where to start, some are stuck into their internal complexity and a legal framework that does...

Behind the scene at Orange Social Hub, with Lionel Fumado

Businesses lost control over their image and reputation the very first day they lost the exclusivity of speach about themselves. Today, no business can afford to not listen what's being said on social networks,...

“E-learning is about knowledge acquisition, not about using it at work”. William Peres

In my opinion, what is key to any kind of change is to acquire and adopt new behaviors. It means two things for businesses today : • They must help people on the field to...

Social dialogue in the social media era

Social media and networks are game changers in the workplace. As they allow a less hierarchical, less formal and more desintermediated form of communication, they change the way people communicate, collaborate and work. It's...

Customer experience is at the heart of digital models (Manuel Diaz)

I've written a lot on experience and its importance in new business models, digital or not. I had the chance to go further into the matter during a long discussion with Manuel Diaz, President...

Frédéric Tardy (Axa) : insurance agent is a job for the future in a...

agents d'assurance, assurance, AXA, AXA Strategic Ventures, confiance, data, distribution, économie du partage, Frédéric Tardy, insurtech, KAMET, Vivatech,

Digital transforms Air Liquide’s core business and employee experience. Interview with Olivier Delabroy, VP...

air liquide, chaine de valeur, expérience employé, Innovation, simplification, transformation digitale

IBM Verse and email reinvention

  One of this year's most noticeable product announcement was IBM Verse. Like in Orlando when I see the first announcement and screenshots during the latter IBM Connect conference, I could not nothing but admit...
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